What Make us Different

What Make us Different

We get it. Because we grow it

In addition to working with a reliable team of experiences growers, we own and Operate our own sweet potato farm. Not only does this mean we know first-hand the challenges our partners face — it also means we have greater control over Supply.

We give you fresh thinking. Every step of the way.

We’re a grower. We’re a packer. We’re a distributor. We’ve been across the country and around the world. We understand every link in the chain — and we make sure each and every one is strong enough to keep you supplied with everything you need, week in and week out, whatever the weather, wherever you are.

You buy it, you name it.

You’ve spent time and money building your brand, so it only makes sense to show it off every chance you get. We’ll work with you to create completely customized Packaging for your shipments, so it’s your private label that customers see when the produce arrives.

We mind the GAP.

We proudly follow the standards of international market, a key reference in the  Worldwide push towards best practices in the produce industry, now covering more than 100 countries.

We’ve got nothing to hide.

Around here, one day of really hard work is just like any other; we don’t need time to clean up or hide things under the rug when company comes. So if you want to see what we’re all about, drop by anytime