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Mango is one of the tropical fruits, which export has experienced tremendous development in recent years in Pakistan. One of the main reasons is innovation in transportation to air and sea freight. It opened doors to deliver large quantities at competitive prices. Mango is on the top of the list of fruits grown in Pakistan.
Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mango in the world. Its soil and climatic conditions enable production and market supply of good quality fresh mango over a period of about 5 to 6 months. Mango Pakistan, therefore, enjoys a prominent position in the international market.

Futurik Exports farms are registered by the farming association as fresh fruit and vegetable exporters in Pakistan. We grow different mango varieties in Pakistan including different types of mangoes like Sindhri mango, Chaunsa mango, Dusehri mango, and Anwar ratol mangoes with quality and standards.

Our farms are in at Tando Ghulam Ali, District Badin, and Sindh grows best dasheri mango Pakistan. We are serving both national and international markets. Mango business in Pakistan has flourished in recent years in sindhri mango season. We export and trade quality mangoes. We are emerging as a good quality Mango Brand Pakistan.


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MANGO PRODUCTION AT Futurik Exports Pvt Ltd.
The Mango season in Pakistan comes in June and stays till August. Pakistan has successfully fulfilled the highest mango exports during the current season of 2020. This year Pakistan’s export of mangoes is over 125,000 tons, that worth $72 million. This is from a list of mango exporters in Pakistan. Despite numerous issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic Mangoes in Pakistan have never stopped cultivation. Futurik Exports had played a significant role in this year’s Mango export in Pakistan. We are one of the leading organizations that doing the Pakistani mango business in Pakistan.

Keeping it a stiff challenge of the global pandemic in 2020, the Pakistani mango exporter target was set at 80,000 tons. However, Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Merchants Association, importers (PFVA) managed to increase this year’s export target to 45,000 tons. After adopting this an aggressive strategy is coupled with timely decisions taken by Pakistan federal government.

It is anticipated that the next one to one-and-a-half months of additional mango export of 25,000 tons would also be achieved. SFuturik Exports Pvt Ltd is Pakistan’s one of the biggest Mango Suppliers. We deliver quality Mango fruit all over the world. Our Mango crop is cultivated under the supervision of highly experienced professionals.

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    Tomato export takes the leading position of all our export amount throughout the year. We export tomatoes during autumn, winter and spring seasons, our fresh tomatoes can be found in many retail networks and markets of different countries. Tomato is the first vegetable that our company started to export from the Pakistan. In this moment we are the main tomato exporters to the East Europe countries, the coverage of our supplies continues to expand. In the nearest plans is to enter the markets of Central and West Europe countries and to the Middle East and Asia.

    Tomato is dietary product and has good taste qualities. Average calorific capacity is around 20 calories in 100g of product. Tomato is consisting B group vitamins, a large number of carotenoids and various organic acids. The choline content in tomatoes – helps to reduce the level of blood cholesterol level, improves the immune system and increases the formation of hemoglobin. All these advantages, make it most favorite for tomato buyers in the cold part of the year.


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    Mandarin is a variety of citrus fruits. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins. This fruit is grown and exported all over the world. Pakistani mandarin exports are also experiencing a sharp boom in the international market.
    Indeed, mandarin orange / sangtra offers fantastic taste and various health benefits. It supports your immune system, improves skin condition. It even improves your heart health and cholesterol levels. Eating tangerines can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. It also limits certain cancer growth.

    mandarin juice is rich in additives and nutrients. However, the juice lacks the fiber found in the orange heart. It is a white substance between the skin and the flesh. Mandarins are one of the most consumed fruits in the world.

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    Green chili is characterized by its very spicy and crunchy taste. The dietary fiber and vitamin C present in green chilies have proven to benefit in skincare and aid in digestion, weight loss, and increased sugar level.

    We are counted among the prominent Fresh Green Chilli Exporters, based in Pakistan. Green Chilli has bright green colour, healthy unblemished skin and is full of flavour. It is widely used in its raw form to spice up a meal and add flavor. Long Green Chillies is a major ingredient in almost all foods and almost cannot be done without. Hot Green Chilli is high in demand due to its great hot flavour. Full of the goodness of capsaicin, our Long Green Chilli retains its freshness until the point of consumption.


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    Our company is a caulieflower exporter to European and Asian markets. We export caulie flower to large caulieflower retailers and various companies around the globe. We provide full support and supervision provided vegetables. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our products, as well as provide delivery and custom clearance services. All fruits and vegetables that we export – have quality certificate and all the necessary export documents.

    Cauliflower contains compounds help prevent cancer. These compounds increase the activity of enzymes that disable and eliminate carcinogens. Vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron… cauliflower has many healthful things in its favor! Cauliflower is naturally low in calories, stimulating, and even an appetite-suppressant making them a perfect diet food. It is a source of energy and a natural boost to the body’s defenses.