Mandarin is a variety of citrus fruits. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins. This fruit is grown and exported all over the world. Pakistani mandarin exports are also experiencing a sharp boom in the international market.

Indeed, mandarin orange / sangtra offers fantastic taste and various health benefits. It supports your immune system, improves skin condition. It even improves your heart health and cholesterol levels. Eating tangerines can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. It also limits certain cancer growth.

mandarin juice is rich in additives and nutrients. However, the juice lacks the fiber found in the orange heart. It is a white substance between the skin and the flesh. Mandarins are one of the most consumed fruits in the world.



After the tangerine is harvested, it undergoes a special wash. Here, all dust particles are removed from the tangerines.


After washing, the tangerines are divided into different categories based on their size. These categories include tangerine orange in various sizes. Based on these dimensions, the packaging boxes contain a range of oranges from 45 to 110 in a 10 kg box.


Futurik Exports Pvt Ltd. is one of the largest exporters of mandarin from Pakistan for the last 16 years. We carry out our packaging process in a clean, germ- and dirt-free environment.

As one of the largest exporters of tangerine from Pakistan, we are implementing carton packing procedures. We pack oranges in cardboard boxes. At the request of the customer, it is also possible to pack orange plastic bags. Each box contains 10 kg of fruit oranges with a counting range of 45-110 pieces.


Futurik Exports Pvt Ltd. has over 7 years of experience in exporting mandarin oranges. Being one of the largest exporters of orange to Pakistan. We offer LCL and FCL services from port to port. Our sea transportation is the safest and most reliable. We work with all shipping lines at fixed contractual rates.


Futurik Exports Pvt Ltd. offers two types of transport for Kinnow Export:

  • Shipment FCL
  • LCL delivery

Futurik Exports Pvt Ltd. Key expertise lies in providing a full range of export services around the world. As a supplier of oranges, Saremco International provides customers with a transparent delivery process. For more information, you can contact